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Video Challenge 2013

The Award Ceremony

  • 1st place:

    EU27 by Piret Saartok, Estonia

    EU27 for EESC 2013 Video Challenge.Our film EU27 was created by our class, 11b, as a project in our advertising class at Saaremaa Co-educational Gymnasium in co-operation with the media class of Kuressaare Regional Training Centre and Kuressaare City Theatre. Our goal was to show what are the main rights of the citizens of EU. We thought of symbols associated with each main right: studying -- stairs; travelling -- suitcase, working -- head, living -- house, protection -- umbrella, voting -- parliament seats, petitioning -- paper, participating -- hand. We decided to form these symbols with our school's students, everybody carrying flags representing one EU member country. By this way we can show the common effort and co-operation of the EU member states. It was fun to do and we found a cc-license soundtrack by Conway Hambone Morelite Instro to support our mood.
  • 2nd place:

    Better Together by Marius Krivičius, Lithuania

    As quite new members of the EU we recognize that the beauty of beingits citizens reveals itself the best when we compare our lives backbefore 2004-05-01 and now.Changes are immense. But being able to easily cross borders,communicate with foreign people and see skyscrapers in the centre ofVilnius is just the surface. The meaning of it lies way deeper.We witness the increasing freedoms for us as human beings. Inspired bythis respect, we seek to achieve great goals. And none of them wouldbe possible without a community that the EU is.We, through our first-person narration and a quite simple choice ofsituations, also want to show our belief that the real EU lies not inthe hallways of some organisations or governments, but in everyordinary citizen's soul, mind and everyday actions - we face itsexistence much more often than we think we doEuropean membership is a ticket to a wide community of differentpeople that are willing to accept the challenges of present and builda better world of tomorrow.
  • 3rd place:

    What does being an EU citizen mean by João Gonçalves, Portugal

    You launched the challenge: We want to know what young Europeans think it means to be a citizen of the EU. As strong believers in the European Union and as passionate amateur filmmakers, we knew we had to answer the question.The best way to do it, in our point of view, would be by collecting the opinion of people from our age. In between emails from so many different countries, we constructed a script and filmed it. It ended up being a collaboration between 70 people from 8 different EU Member States. That, for us, explains what we end up saying in the video: - It means living in a Union where we travel easily, meeting new cultures, learning new languages, studying abroad and still being close to our home;- Where we respect each other and know that our differences bring us together: boundaries exist only in maps;- Where we share the same hopes and fears;- In which despite nowadays difficulties, we're not eurosceptical, we believe in Europe's future and its spirit is within us.It was a pleasure to express our opinion, thank you for the opportunity.

Quotes from the Jury:


The Estonian producers list in a very catchy manner the main achievements of the European Union which are also the main advantages of being a European citizen. 


Better Together

The Lithuanian clip mainly speaks about the simple beauty of changes brought to the protagonist's life since his country joined the European Union seen from a very authentic personal point of view. (jury appreciation). 


What does being an EU citizen mean?
The video clip links very clear to the main advantages of the EU which are presented in a very attractive film format - the simple use of 70 young people saying what they feel is very appropriate and uplifting.



Anna Maria Darmanin - Vice President of the European Economic and Social Committee, president of the jury
Jane Morrice - Member of the European Economic and Social Committee
Marie Zvolská - Member of the European Economic and Social Committee
Nic Balthazar - Film director and TV/Radio personality (presenter, reporter, producer)
Petru Maier – Cinematographer/Film Producer/Professor