Europe 2020

The Europe 2020 strategy sets out the EU’s ambitious programme for boosting growth and jobs over the coming years. As well as helping Europe to recover from the economic crisis, it outlines policies designed to create smart, sustainable and inclusive growth with high levels of employment, productivity and social cohesion, underpinned by seven flagship initiatives.

The crisis has given rise to unprecedented challenges that demand in-depth cooperation from civil society at large. The EESC has set up a Europe 2020 Steering Committee which brings people together in support of the strategy. This means closely involving the national economic and social councils in the evaluation of reforms that are carried out within the framework of Europe 2020.

The Steering Committee focuses on the exchange of good practices, benchmarking and networking in the different thematic areas. Civil society representatives also suggest ways to implement reforms in the Member States, highlighting challenges such as globalisation, governance and communication.


EU Flagship Initiatives

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