EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling (2015-2020)

10 Dec 2015
Adopted References: REX/452 EESC-2015 Referral - Rapporteur: Ms Brenda King (Employers - GR I / United Kingdom) Plenary Session: 512 - 9 Dec 2015 - 10 Dec 2015 (Summary Plenary Session)
Opinion of the EESC on the Communication from the Commission to the European Parliament, the Council, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Committee of the Regions "EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling (2015-2020)"

EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling (2015-2020)

Administrator in charge: Mr. Georges-Henry Carrard | Assistant in charge: Carlotta I. Iapichino


Key message:

The EESC welcomes the stated aims of the EU Action Plan against migrant smuggling , namely "to counter and prevent migrant smuggling, while ensuring the protection of human rights of migrants" and "to address the root causes of irregular migration", and supports the Action Plan's efforts to disrupt organised criminal networks through intelligence-led and financial investigations, to put an end to money laundering and to confiscate the assets of illicit activities. However it strongly recommends that the plan adopts a more balanced and comprehensive approach by detailing how the EU will protect and assist those who are smuggled.

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