The priorities of the European Economic and Social Committee during the Danish Presidency

Published In: 2012

The Council of the European Union brings together ministerial representatives of the governments of the EU Member States, meeting in various formations according to the policy area under discussion. The Council’s legislative and political decisions are prepared by a large number of specialised working parties and are fed upwards through the Permanent Representatives Committee to the Council itself. Member State governments in turn chair the Council’s various meetings and represent the Council vis-à-vis the EU’s other institutions and the European Union vis-à-vis the larger world. These presidencies of the Council of the European Union traditionally establish a set of broad political priorities and a work programme.

The Kingdom of Denmark holds the Presidency for the first half of 2012. Its priorities can be found at

This publication sets out some of the major activities of the European Economic and Social Committee during the period of the Danish Presidency from January to June 2012.

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