• Employers' Group

    The Employers' Group (Group I) has 117 members, entrepreneurs and representatives of entrepreneur associations working in industry, commerce, services and agriculture in the 28 Member States of the European Union. These are women and men involved in the business world and in touch with the realities of everyday life who are willing to put their experience to use to further the European venture. Our goal is to promote European integration by supporting the development of our businesses, which play a key role in fostering the prosperity of our societies and in creating jobs, especially in an economically difficult climate.

  • Workers' Group

    The Workers' Group (Group II) comprises representatives from national trade unions, confederations and sectoral federations. Its members represent over 80 trade union organisations – the vast majority of them affiliated to the European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) or its sectoral federations.

  • Various Interests - Group III

    Group III brings together a wide range of social, occupational, economic and cultural organisations that make up civil society in the Member States. The shared goal of Group III members is to achieve real economic, social and participatory democracy in the EU.