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Your Europe, Your Say 2015! Today ...

Conference - Brussels, Belgium
Friday, 24 April

The opening of the event by Ms Morrice, EESC Vice-President took place in the evening of 23 April 2015, at the presence of several Members who had previously visited the selected schools.

On 24 April, the session was opened by Mr Malosse, EESC President, followed by Mr Allan Päll, Secretary-General of the European Youth Forum, and Ms Sophie von Hatzfeldt, Campaigner, Democracy International.

Afterwards all 28 schools made presentations in a lively and dynamic show on "New Young Ideas for a more Democratic Future Europe".

The afternoon workshop session discussed in an open space new participative proposals for Europe.

In the second afternoon session the following Top-3 proposals for Active European Citizenship were adopted:

  • 1. The environment: going beyond the 2020 goals
  • 2. Youth employment: you can't get a job without experience but you can't get experience without a job
  • 3. International transferring of educational qualifications


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