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Smart Cities – towards a European Economic Revival through Civic Innovation

Conference - EESC (Room JDE52) - Rue Belliard 99., 1040 Brussels, Belgium


One of the greatest challenges facing the EU is how best to design and adapt cities into smart and sustainable environments through strategic use of new technologies that better connect people and infrastructures.

This conference will bring together policy makers, city leaders and representatives of civil society in a debate on the role of Smart Cities in driving the EU's economic revival. The event will showcase concrete examples of implementation by drawing on US and Italian experience.

In a highly interactive format, the speakers and panellists will provide a clear sense of:

  • What makes a city "smart"? How will it help growth and job creation in Europe?
  • What are the main challenges? How can civil society actors work together so that smart cities become a reality?
  • How can smart cities projects leverage private investment in order to deliver their objectives?