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The future of organic production in Europe

Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium


The organic sector in the EU has been rapidly growing in the past years, and the current legal framework for organic production (Regulation 834/2007) is presently being reviewed so as to improve it and adapt it to the future evolution of the sector.

Further to the new Commission proposals for a new Regulation and an Action Plan on organic production and labelling of organic products, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) will organise in Brussels a public hearing on 15 September, which will provide input to the preparation of a related EESC opinion on organic production and labelling.

The hearing will gather stakeholders' views on challenges and opportunities of the proposed legislative framework. In particular, representatives from the Commission, as well as from European and national farming associations, certification bodies and other experts will discuss with Members of the EESC possible improvements to the current legislation.


Please note that this Hearing will also be web streamed live on our website.

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