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Food for Everyone

Towards a Global Deal Conference - EESC Food Security Conference in cooperation with the European Commission, Brussels, Belgium
Logo conference "Food for everyone"

Food security concerns us all, because it is about the earth's resources, which we all share and use, and because food is vital for life.
Our conference has a vision :
Food for everyone - towards a global deal.
Tell us what you think: How do we get out of the food security crisis? We will take your input and table it before EU and international policymakers. Join the debate right here on this platform, where discussions on securing food for everyone can start now, in the run-up to 23 May. Your input will be included in our discussions and the EESC's research on food security.

With this conference, we start from the premise that securing food for everyone is a global challenge;

another premise is that food security is a fundamental human right as food is essential for human life.

We cannot accept that one in six people on our planet faces a daily struggle to find enough food to live. Since we have neglected for far too long to invest - where and when needed - in agriculture, rural development, development aid, research and innovation, we must now look into the functioning of global agricultural markets and we may need to secure food for everyone by going local.

We have to listen to the concerns of poor and small-scale farmers and learn from their local knowledge of soil, water and community needs. As we work on policy with grassroots experience at the EESC, we must also ensure consistency in the way that international policies are developed and put into practice.