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EU-Japan cooperation in comparative perspective: trade & migration policies

JOINT SEMINAR WITH THE EU-KANSAI INSTITUTE EESC – Meeting room JDE 63 – rue Belliard/Belliardstraat 99 - Brussels, Belgium

One of the objectives under the EU-Japan cooperation called "Shaping our Common Future", is "Bringing together peoples and cultures" and includes "developing civil society links and encouraging inter-regional exchanges". The EESC, as part of this cooperation process aims to address not only issues related to bilateral cooperation or to the role of civil society in general, but aspects of global importance such as sustainable development, international trade and climate change.

This year's seminar jointly organised by the EESC with the EU Institute in Kansai will focus in its first session on the question to what extent the ongoing negotiations leading up to the EU-Japan FTA are informed by the outcomes of the TPP negotiation process and discussions around TTIP. The second session will be dedicated to the topical issue of asylum and migration policies, and will look at similarities and differences between the two countries' approaches to migration, and in particular long-term settlement and integration of newcomers in communities and societies.

The overall objective of the seminar is to exchange views and perspectives on the chosen topics, in order to reinforce mutual understanding and further intensify cooperation between both parties' civil societies.  Specifically, the seminar will look at how approaches and attitudes to international trade and migration differ or align, and will look to better understand the reasons underlying these attitudes and approaches.