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Food donation : Fighting food poverty and addressing food waste

Conference - Brussels, Belgium


Food donation is recognised as an effective lever in reducing the amount of edible surplus food going to waste and counteracting against food poverty, especially in times of economic and financial crisis. Nevertheless, at present, the amount of food redistributed to food banks and charities remains a small fraction of the edible surplus food available in the EU, as food donation faces a number of legislative, administrative and practical barriers.

The EESC has contracted a "Comparative study on EU Member States' legislations and practices on food donation" with the objective, amongst others, to develop recommendations on how to legislate or interpret legislation in order to facilitate food donation in the EU.

The results of the study will be presented at the conference "Food donation: fighting food poverty and addressing food waste" organised by the EESC in Brussels on 7 July 2014.  The event will represent an opportunity to illustrate best practices in the field and to discuss the proposed recommendations with key policy-makers and stakeholders, including the FAO, the European Commission (DG SANCO), national authorities, food banks, NGOs, the private sector, etc.

The conference will be followed by the vernissage of the photo exhibition One Third by Austrian photographer Klaus Pichler, illustrating the connection between the individual wastage of food and globalised food production.

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