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The Council of Europe's Social Charter 50 years on: What next?

Conference - Paris, France

The Council of Europe, the Economic, Social and Environmental Council of France (ESEC) and the EESC are holding on 23 September in Paris a joint conference called "The Council of Europe's Social Charter 50 years on: What next?".

The aim of this conference, one of the official events marking the 50th anniversary of the 1961 Social Charter, is to highlight how the European Social Charter and European Union law, particularly the "Community Charter of Fundamental Social Rights of Workers", can complement each other, and to reflect on how to harness synergies to secure progress towards a more social Europe.

The conference will bring together political decision-makers, representatives of legal and academic circles, trades unions and employers' organisations, together with civil society bodies. The EESC will participate with a large delegation.


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