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ECI DAY 2016: Forging Change

Brussels, Belgium

Of the 56 ECIs submitted to date to the European Commission, 36 were registered and only three succeeded in collecting over 1 million signatures – however, none of them was followed by a legislative proposal from the Commission. This necessarily gave rise to dissatisfaction among organisers and raises the question of the tool's efficiency, especially as compared to the requirements involved.

Since the ECI Regulation is not to be revised this year, 2016's ECI Day will focus on how to make an ECI as effective as possible, regardless of whether it is successful, and the help available to organisers. We will strive to describe how organisers can deal with the difficulties encountered and why the rules must be simplified if Europeans' belief in their important role as joint policy makers is to be restored.

Citizens, stakeholders and representatives of the European institutions will meet to discuss and find out more about the help available and what instruments are out there to maximise the impact and success of their initiatives and to learn about the other tools for participatory democracy in place at EU level.

The event will focus on the following three main themes analysed in three separate workshops:

  • Instruments for participatory democracy in place at EU level and the future of participatory democracy in general;
  • Assistance available to ECI organisers (presentations by institutions and organisations providing support to the ECIs: services, applications and tools);
  • How to organise an ECI: reaching out to the public and ensuring that the Commission takes action.

The ECI DAY 2016 will conclude with an open debate between ECI organisers, representatives of the institutions calling for change and participants, and will make clear recommendations on priority areas for the reviewed 211/2011 Regulation.



The European Citizens' Initiative (ECI) is a welcome instrument for participatory democracy at European level. Introduced by the Lisbon Treaty and entered into force in 2012, it allows Europeans to make legislative proposals and participate in the decision-making by connecting directly with EU institutions. It is a chance for them to discuss and influence key policies and cast more light on the public's view of the EU agenda and priorities.

The ECI Day is an important meeting place and platform where registered and future ECI organisers and stakeholders can exchange information and experiences and present their ECI and activities to the public. As in the past, stands will be available for ECI organisers and a media corner will be set up for interviews with speakers, organisers and participants.


The ECI Day 2016 partners

ECI DAY 2016: Forging Change
Wednesday, 20 April 2016 – 9.30 a.m. to 4.30 p.m.
At the EESC building Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat 99 – 1040 Brussels