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Digital Agenda / Going local: The Polish Approach to the EU Cloud Computing Strategy

Warsaw, Poland

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is organising together with Eurocloud Polska this third edition of a 'Digital Agenda going local' conference following successful similar events in Ireland (2011) and Latvia (2012).

The topic this time will be the EU Cloud Computing Strategy and its practical implementation in the Member States, with a particular regard for the situation in Poland. The European Commission will actively participate and contribute to the event.

Inspired by the recent EESC opinion “Unleashing the Potential of Cloud Computing in Europe", the conference is going to examine the conditions and benefits of Cloud solutions for the Polish public and private sector as well as for the country's civil society at large.

This event will be held in the premises of the Warsaw Stock Exchange. It is open to all interested ICT users and stakeholders. European and Polish entrepreneurs, consumer organisations, trade unions as well as representatives of diverse civil society organisations will be offered the possibility to express their views on the proposed EU strategy and the response of civil society to it. They will leave the conference with a better idea of what is still needed to transform, at both Polish and EU level, the proposed strategy into a real growth opportunity.

Follow this link to see the recording of the conference