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Civil Society Days 2016

Living together in our Europe Brussels, Belgium


This year's Civil Society Days will focus on migration and on how Europe can be made more open and adapt to what needs to be seen as a structural change.

In a time in which news relate daily crisis and problems to which we are obviously not prepared, it is clear that we must move from management by crisis to management by foresight and anticipation.

Europe must cast on this phenomena and problems a wider and deeper vision, based on an open debate and a reflection rooted in our common values and capable of frankly coping with the problems that our societies face.

The conference will be developed along three lines:

  • Between security and freedom: a societal balance; 
  • Integration and inclusion;
  • Responses to the causes of migration.

For more information, please check the programme which will be updated regularily.

The Civil Society Days are a symbol of the cooperation between the EESC and the members of the Liaison Group representing European civil society organisations and networks.

This initiative contributes to assert the Committee as a special partner for those organisations and networks on issues of common interest.

As for the format, the Civil Society Days are a frame, as part of civil dialogue in line with Article 11 TEU, and is the moment for civil society to take a stance on the key questions of the future of the European project and the way of living together in our changing European societies.


CIVIL SOCIETY DAYS 2016: Living together in Europe
Tuesday-Wednesday, 31 May - 1 June 2016
At the EESC building Rue Belliard/Belliardstraat 99 – 1040 Brussels