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Civil Society Day 2013

As European as we can get! Bringing economy, solidarity and democracy together Brussels, Belgium

2013 Civil Society Day

As European as we can get!

Bringing economy, solidarity and democracy together


The European Economic and Social Committee and the EESC Liaison Group with European civil society organisations and networks, in partnership with the European Year of Citizens Civil Society Alliance (EYCA), have organised this year's Civil Society Day on Wednesday 6 March, from 9.00 a.m. to 5.30 p.m., at the EESC premises in Brussels.

Within the ambit of the European Year of Citizens (2013), we explored how the economic, social and civic dimensions of EU citizenship can be mutually reinforcing and meet the public's expectations in a way that reflects the values and goals of the European project.

The Civil Society Day has addressed key issues of active and participatory citizenship against the backdrop of a major financial, economic and social crisis that is in essence undermining democratic processes and challenging the very legitimacy of institutions and public policy at both national and European level.

It is our belief that European citizenship can best be conceived and exercised if it is intrinsically linked to the economic, social and civic life of the European venture and the policies that underpin it.

The aim of the event was also to reflect the great variety of forms of expression and commitment across Europe that demonstrates the true meaning of European citizenship.

The annual Civil Society Day is a major EESC initiative, bringing together key players in European and national civil society organisations, business leaders and entrepreneurs, academics, EU policy- and decision-makers and interested media.

It provides a forum for dialogue on issues that matter to civil society stakeholders at European level.

It is an opportunity to consider the place and the role of organised civil society within a more participatory democratic set-up and what it can do to help build a European Union in which people can take a more active part in shaping EU policies.

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