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Civil Society Day 2012

Democracy in Europe: where do we stand? A civil society perspective

The 2012 Civil Society Day addressed the challenges of democracy in Europe in a context of financial, economic and social crisis and the issue of participatory democracy and civil dialogue in a concrete way. It  focused on democratic and participatory practices and the role of organised civil society in promoting citizens' interest, engagement and well-being.

By deepening reflection on the participation of civil society in policy-shaping and decision-making processes at EU and Member States level, the objective of the conference was to seize the political opportunity created by the current crisis to rethink the democratic principles that underpin the European construction so that it is more in tune with citizens' aspirations.

This conference was built on the experience of previous Civil society days organised in 2009 and 2010 when European civil society organisations and networks rallied around a Manifesto for a genuine European civil dialogue, questioning the place and the role of organized civil society within a more participatory democratic set-up, put forward concrete recommendations for the setting up of a Structured framework for European civil dialogue.

The Civil Society Day event is a symbol of the cooperation between the EESC and the members of the Liaison Group representing European civil society organisations and networks.



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