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Achieving the goals of the White Paper on Transport: how civil society can help with delivery

Conference - Brussels, Belgium

Achieving the goals of the White Paper on Transport: how civil society can help with delivery

Brussels,  7 December 2012

9h15 - 16h45

The new EU Transport White Paper requires swift implementation. So far, the lack of progress in EU transport policy has been partly due to the fact that there has been insufficient involvement of civil society in both policy-making and policy implementation, and any involvement there has been has not been adequately structured.

The conference aims to assess the weaknesses in current practice and propose new means of getting the civil society on board. It will provide insight into the forms that a truly cooperation-based decision-making process could take at different levels of governance (European, national and local).


Specifically, the conference will aim to respond to two main points:

  • On what particular issues relating to the Transport White Paper is cooperation-based decision-making needed and likely to improve or facilitate the implementation of decisions?
  • How should such cooperation-based decision-making between policy-makers at different levels and civil society be set up and implemented? What should be the role of civil society's organisations such as the European Economic and Social Committee?

The ultimate goal is to increase accountability in public policies and help achieve the ambitious goals defined in the EU White Paper on Transport.

We are expecting a diverse, high-level group of panellists from European institutions and civil society at large. More details about the programme will be made available soon.

Please register as soon as possible to secure a place.


If you want to propose topics for the discussion and share  your expectations for the event visit our Forum


For more information please send an e-mail.


European Economic and Social Committee (EESC), JDE building, room JDE 62, Rue Belliard 99, B-1040 Brussels