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EESC Info - European Economic and Social Committee

EESC info is a newsletter published nine times a year during EESC plenary session. It will keep you up to date on developments, policy initiatives and events in the European Economic and Social Committee.

EESC info is not the official record of the Committee's work, which appears in the Official Journal of the European Union.

To find out more, feel free to email us at: eescinfo@eesc.europa.eu.

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  • Issue Date: March 2014
    EESC Info March 2014

    IN THIS ISSUE: Minimum income – a basic human right. Interview with Georges Dassis, president of the EESC Workers' Group; Poverty, inequality and environmental degradation can only be tackled through a joint effort; Annual Growth Survey in the spotlight. Interview with Evelyne Pichenot; Indrė Vareikytė: for me, culture is a very important communication tool.

  • Issue Date: February 2014
    EESC Info February 2014

    IN THIS ISSUE: European civil society stands alongside the people of Ukraine; The EESC leading the way in shaping the future for social enterprises; The EU urgently needs an industrial policy; Boosting Europe’s international cooperation capacities; New frontiers in the "war on drugs" – the need for new approaches; Marianne Muona: the EESC is about connecting people.

  • Issue Date: January 2014
    EESC Info January 2014
    IN THIS ISSUE: Ukrainians should be free to shape the future of their country. Interview with Jacek Krawczyk, President of the EESC Employers Group; Growth, jobs and social cohesion top the Greek presidency's agenda; Christine Lagarde and EESC Members discuss recovery at the plenary session; Eve Päärendson's passion for the land of the rising sun
  • Issue Date: December 2013
    EESC Info December 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: Europe's national economic and social councils meet in Athens; Recovery is underway, says Commissioner Rehn; Economic and Monetary Union could fail without a strong social dimension; Austerity in Europe; EU industrial policy: a much-needed growth initiative; The new Common Agricultural Policy – far more pros than cons. Leťs make it work; Yves Somville: for me, the EESC means openness
  • Issue Date: October 2013
    EESC Info October 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: 4th railway package: once again, the EESC is driving the discussion; Budgeting for growth and solidarity, interview with Janusz Lewandowski, Financial Programming and Budget Commissioner; EU-spending: myths that die hard; Mediterranean women's representatives meet with the EESC; I see Europe as an adventure, interview with Béatrice Ouin, new editor of the EESC info newsletter
  • Issue Date: September 2013
    EESC Info September 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: A fruitful European visit to the heart of Greek civil society; One more step towards closer cooperation between the two European assemblies; EESC urges Europe towards cloud sovereignty amid PRISM spying claims; Tomasz Jasiński: Passing the torch.
  • Issue Date: July 2013
    EESC Info July 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: The Lithuanian presidency as seen by EESC members; Interview with Anne-Marie Sigmund, EESC member and former EESC president who drafted an opinion on Croatia's road to EU membership; Interview with Christoph Lechner and Ana Milićević Pezelj, co-presidents of the EU-Croatia Joint Consultative Committee; Interview with Marija Hanževački, General Secretary of the Independent Trade Unions of Croatia; Greece's road towards sustainable development: the only road for the future!; We have one year to save Europe, warns Henri Malosse, EESC president; What makes me tick, interview with Anna Nietyksza, a Polish EESC member
  • Issue Date: May 2013
    EESC Info May 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: Providing opportunities for all. The Austrian experience; The "Your Europe, Your Say" event; EESC vice-president Jane Morrice: On young people telling us how it should be done; Interview with EESC vice-president Hans-Joachim Wilms
  • Issue Date: April 2013
    EESC Info April 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: Civil Society Day 2013: Bringing economy, solidarity and democracy together; Europe Past Forward 2013: “EU citizenship means common rights”; European Consumer Day 2013; Involve the public in nuclear debate. Interview with Mr Richard Adams, EESC member; Interview with Pedro Narro,EESC member
  • Issue Date: March 2013
    EESC info March 2013
    IN THIS ISSUE: European energy market: European in name only; EU budget deal: Glass half full, says EESC Vice-President Jacek Krawczyk; Interview with Joana Agudo i Bataller, EESC member

Results 1 to 10 out of 115.