Eastern Neighbours and Russia

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The EESC's activities concerning Eastern Neighbours involve Russia, Ukraine, Moldova, Belarus, Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan. The main objective of the EESC as regards the European Eastern Neighbours is to enhance relations with civil society organisations in the region and to involve them into a dialogue with both their national policy makers and the EU organised civil society. Dialogue and the exchange of experiences between civil society representatives contribute greatly to the implementation of the EU's external policy in the region which consists of the European Neighbourhood Policy and the EU-Russia Strategic Partnership that are complemented by the Eastern Partnership and the Black Sea Synergy initiatives .

The EESC has recently elaborated several opinions concerning the role of civil society in the relations between the EU and its Eastern Neighbours and in the implementation of the European Neighbourhood Policy.

In July 2004, the EESC has established the Eastern Neighbours Contact Group as the main EESC body responsible for relations with civil society in the Eastern Neighbourhood countries. The contact group organises meetings and joint seminars with civil society organisations in the partner countries and take active part in the Eastern Partnership activities such as multilateral platforms and the EaP Civil Society Forum. Over time, the Eastern Neighbours Contact Group aims to establish permanent structures for dialogue and cooperation between the EESC and organised civil society in the countries of the region.



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