Civil Society Prize

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Rewarding excellence in civil society initiatives

The aim of the EESC civil society prize, which was created in 2006, is to reward and encourage tangible achievements and initiatives by civil society organisations and/or individuals at all levels, European, national, regional and local, that significantly contribute to promoting European identity and integration.

Such achievements and initiatives have to be creative and innovative and make a long-lasting and positive impact on the public's perception of Europe and the integration process.

The specific theme for each edition of the prize is set by the EESC President.

Through the award of this prize, the Committee's objective is to raise awareness of the substantial contribution which civil society organisations and/or individuals can make to the creation of a European identity and citizenship embodying the shared values which underpin European integration.

For more information on the EESC civil society prize, please contact :  Civil Society Prize

EESC civil society prize 2016

The EESC plans to launch the 8th edition of the civil society prize in May 2016.

The prize will be open to civil society organisations and individuals and will reward initiatives aimed at improving migrants' lives and fostering their integration in society.

The indicative deadline for applications is September 2016. The total value of the prize to be shared among up to five winners is 50.000 EUR. The prize award ceremony is expected to take place in December 2016.