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It’s about Europe, it’s about YoUth! Conference - Brussels
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The fourth edition of "Your Europe, Your Say" youth event took place in Brussels from 18-20 April 2013. A total of 110 students and teachers were invited to the youth plenary session.

The event was launched mid October 2012 and the 27 participating schools (one from each Member State) were selected at random by EESC members on 5 December 2012 from among the 847 applicants.

From January to early April 2013 EESC members visited the selected schools in their respective countries for an information session about the EU, the EESC and the event. Then, all participating schools received a document in early February with the 12 proposals for EESC political priorities for 2013-2015. The pupils were asked to propose additional priorities (no more than three) and to rank all 15 priorities in order of importance (one point = least important and 15 points = most important).  After having received all contributions from the 27 schools, the 15 best priorities were selected to be discussed in the Workshop organized in cooperation with European Commission DG Connect.

Furthermore an online platform, the Futurium tool developed by DG Connect, was used to increase the audience and let everybody have a say on these priorities.


The goal of the workshop was to let students:

  • Elaborate on fifteen political priorities and build visionary scenarios around them: "what a great Europe it would be if such priorities were implemented".
  • Reflect on the challenges and opportunities that the implementation of the priorities would involve
  • Generate ideas on how to act together to fulfil these priorities
  • Rank the priorities in order of importance to identify the top 3 that will be included in EESC New Presidency's programme

As a result of the workshop, the top 3 priorities for the students are

  1. Developing the European concept of access to first-time employment
  2. EU bursaries for students from low-income families
  3. Encouraging youth entrepreneurship


These priorities are now in the programme of EESC Presidency, which will make sure that youngsters from all around Europe have their say on their future!

The motto of President Henri Malosse is: "Your ideas, my programme"


So stay tuned and have a look on what EESC is doing for your ideas. It's your future:


It's about Europe,

It's about YOUth!





What's the EESC?

What is the European Economic and Social Committee and what does it do?

It's a European advisory body. It has members from all the EU countries, representing different economic and social sectors in society: employers, workers, NGOs and various other organisations. In the European decision-making process, its role is to advise the other European institutions (European Commission, Council of the European Union and European Parliament). The EESC gives them its point of view on particular issues, in documents known in euro-speak as "opinions".

Who are the EESC's members?

The 344 members come from organisations throughout the 27 EU Member States. Each member belongs to one of the Committee's three major groups, "Employers", "Workers" and "Various Interests". Their job is to work together to reach a consensus, so that the Committee can issue "opinions" that reflect the interests of the greatest number.

Why is the Committee's work important?

Through the various civil society organisations represented by the EESC, ordinary people in Europe can make their views heard and influence decisions taken at European level.

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