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  • 20 Feb 2015
    EUR/007 - Progress on implementation of the Europe 2020 strategy Adopted References: EESC-2015-00034-00-01-ac Exploratory Opinion Rapporteur: Baráth (Various interests - GR III / Hungary) Plenary Session: 505 - 18 Feb 2015 - 19 Feb 2015 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 251, 31.7.2015, p. 19–24

    The EESC agrees with the Latvian Presidency, recognizing the fundamental importance of the EU 2020 Strategy review to boosting European competitiveness. The Europe 2020 and the Investment Plan should be much more closely linked in the way that it could remedy the main shortcomings of the Europe 2020 Strategy. The Structural Funds should focus more on the implementation of environmental programs or those with a human aspect, which would also promote the sustainable development of factors "beyond GDP".

  • 12 Feb 2015
    EUR/008 - Annual Growth Survey 2015 Adopted References: EESC-2015-00071-00-00-ac Referral - Rapporteur: Lobo Xavier (Employers - GR I / Portugal) Plenary Session: 505 - 18 Feb 2015 - 19 Feb 2015 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 251, 31.7.2015, p. 44–50

    The EESC welcomes the AGS 2015, but reminds that it is not possible to implement a growth plan that supports job creation measures without investment. Social investment can play a critical role in the promotion of welfare and the eradication of poverty and exclusion. The Committee welcomes the streamlining of the European Semester and acknowledges the efforts made by the Commission to encourage more civil society participation. The review of the Europe 2020 strategy should be published in a timely manner in order to give stakeholders sufficient time to prepare their positions.

  • 25 Mar 2014
    The role and future of the professions in European civil society 2020 Adopted References: INT/687 EESC-2013-01748-00-00-AC-TRA Own-initiative Rapporteur: Mr Arno Metzler (Various interests - GR III / Germany) Plenary Session: 497 - 25 Mar 2014 - 26 Mar 2014 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 226, 16.7.2014, p. 10
  • 16 Oct 2013
    Regulation on official controls Adopted References: NAT/611 EESC-2013-4014 Referral - Rapporteur: Mr. José María Espuny Moyano (Employers - GR I / Spain) Plenary Session: 493 - 16 Oct 2013 - 17 Oct 2013 (Summary Plenary Session)
  • 23 May 2013
    Entrepreneurship 2020 Action Plan Adopted References: INT/679 EESC-2013-941 Referral - Rapporteur: Mr Gonçalo Lobo Xavier (Employers - GR I / Portugal) Plenary Session: 490 - 22 May 2013 - 23 May 2013 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 271, 19.09.2013, p. 75
  • 14 Dec 2012
    Action for stability, growth and jobs Adopted References: EESC-2012-2235 Referral General Rapporteur: Xavier Verboven (Workers - GR II / Belgium) Plenary Session: 12 Dec 2012 - 13 Dec 2012

    The EU needs to enhance the growth part of its overall strategy. This must be based on combining what the Member States can do at national level with action at EU level, anchoring these efforts in the Europe 2020 strategy and in our new governance structures.

  • 12 Jul 2012
    EESC opinion: Participatory processes in the implementation of Europe 2020 Adopted References: SOC/462 EESC-2012-1586 Exploratory Opinion Rapporteur: Lougheed (Employers - GR I / Ireland) Plenary Session: 482 - 11 Jul 2012 - 12 Jul 2012 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 299, 04.10.2012, p. 1-5
  • 22 Feb 2012
    Annual growth survey 2012 Adopted References: EESC-2012-497 Referral - General Rapporteur: David CROUGHAN (Employers - GR I / Ireland) Plenary Session: 22 Feb 2012 - 23 Feb 2012 The Committee's opinion, prepared in view of the Spring European Council, comments on the Commission’s ‘Annual growth survey’ (AGS) 2012. In the first part, it deals with general issues related to the AGS such as: its focus on growth, on fiscal consolidation and on the implementation of reforms agreed in the framework of the European semester as well as the implication of organised civil society and social partners in the AGS process. The second part brings together specific contributions from various EESC opinions that were adopted in 2011 in relation to the five AGS priorities: pursuing differentiated, growth-friendly fiscal consolidation; restoring normal lending to the economy; promoting growth and competitiveness; tackling unemployment and the social consequences of the crisis; and modernising public administration. These comments update the EESC’s position on the AGS 2011 that was adopted in March 2011.
  • 7 Dec 2011
    Trade, Growth and World Affairs – Trade policy as a core component of the EU's 2020 strategy Adopted References: REX/331 EESC-2011-1866 Referral Rapporteur: Evelyne PICHENOT (Various interests - GR III / France)
  • 13 Jul 2011
    EESC opinion: An agenda for new skills and jobs Adopted References: SOC/404 EESC-2011-1172 Referral - Rapporteur: Drbalová (Employers - GR I / Czech Republic) Co-rapporteur: Zufiaur Narvaiza (Workers - GR II / Spain) Plenary Session: 473 - 13 Jul 2011 - 14 Jul 2011 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 318, 29.10.2011, p. 142–149 The "Agenda for new skills and jobs" is one of the seven flagship initiatives under the Europe 2020 Strategy. It proposes actions within four key priorities in order to reach an employment rate of 75% by 2020. In its opinion the EESC broadly welcomes the European Commission initiative but puts forward a number of comments and recommendations. For instance, the Committee finds that the proposed initiative fails to encapsulate the urgent need to create good-quality jobs. It does not constitute a sufficient stimulus to Member States to set more ambitious national goals backed by the necessary investment and structural reforms.

Results 1 to 10 out of 18.