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  • Public Hearing - Brussels, EESC, JDE 62 meeting room, Belgium
    The European Economic and Social Committee is following up on its engagement to "bring Rio home". On 18 December the EESC organised together with the European Commission a public hearing in order to enhance the impact of the Commission's ongoing consultation on the EU follow-up to Rio+20 by giving civil society representatives the opportunity to discuss statements related to the questions raised in the consultation.

  • EESC, Brussels, Belgium
    Public meeting of the Sustainable Development Observatory. The road from Rio is as important as the road to Rio. Coming back from Rio the EESC wants to take Rio home and contribute to the implementation of Rio results and discussions, in particular in the European Union.
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    Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil
    In our view the Rio+20 Conference has to result in viable political commitments that place sustainable development at the centre of global policy making. Civil society plays a vital role in pushing for and living up to such political commitments by enabling participation from the ground up and securing ownership.

  • Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium
    On 2 May 2012, Group III organised a conference at the EESC in Brussels entitled 'Think Green: The Opportunities of Sustainable Development and the Green Economy'. Within the general context of the forthcoming Rio + 20 UN conference on sustainable development in June 2012, the objective of the Group III event was twofold. Firstly, to provide a historical overview of the debate on sustainable development, to analyse current challenges, future opportunities and possible solutions. Secondly, to exchange views on best practices among existing civil society projects promoting the green economy. The conference also provided the opportunity to raise the visibility of the EESC opinions and work of the Committee at large, on the topic of sustainable development. The conference brought together approximately 180 participants, including Group III members and wider civil society representatives.

  • Sustainable consumption in a time of crisis
    Conference - Copenhagen, Denmark
    The 14th edition of the European Consumer Day, organised together with the Danish Consumer Council, was held in the premises of the European Environment Agency in Copenhagen, and focused on sustainable consumption.
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    Conference - CESE, Bruxelles, Belgium
    The United Nations is convening a Summit level Conference on sustainable development in Rio in the summer of 2012, 20 years after the first 1992 Earth Summit and ten years after the World Summit on Sustainable Development in Johannesburg in 2002. The EESC conference 'Go sustainable, be responsible! European civil society on the road to Rio+20' on 7-8 February 2012 in Brussels was intended to voice European civil society's positions on Rio+20 and help make Rio+20 a success. The EESC in its capacity as a channel for organized civil society in Europe has also been playing an active part in the establishment of the EU contributions to Rio+20. It held hearings in 2010 and 2011 to help identify the aspirations of civil society for the Summit, and produced two opinions on the Summit and the European approach to it in 2010 and 2011. >> Follow the link 'Photos and cartoons'

Results 1 to 10 out of 66.