EESC opinion: Compensation to crime victims

26 Feb 2003
Adopted References: CESE 286/2003 - SOC/132 Referral - COM(2002) 562 final - 2002/0247 (CNS Rapporteur: Koryfidis (Workers - GR II / Greece) Plenary Session: 397 - 26 Feb 2003 - 27 Feb 2003 (Summary Plenary Session) OJ C 95/40, 23.4.2003

OPINION of the European Economic and Social Committee on the Proposal for a Council Directive on compensation to crime victims

Key points :

The Committee endorses the broad lines of the proposed directive.

However, it feels that the directive should include the following elements:

  • A definition of crimes that comprises not only crimes against the victim's life, health or physical integrity, but also those against the victim's psychological health and integrity.
  • A detailed definition of the responsibilities of assisting authorities and of deciding authorities, along with a simplification of cooperation procedures between them so as to reduce bureaucracy and make it easier for citizens of the Member States to exercise the rights provided for in the directive.
  • Broader scope for the victim to receive advance payment.