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  • Public Hearing - From 9:30 to 13:00 - Room VMA3 - EESC, 2 rue Van Maerlant - 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) is pleased to announce that a Public hearing on the Application of State aid rules for compensating the provision of services of general economic interest will be held on 10 May 2017 from 9.30 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the headquarters of the EESC, 2 rue Van Maerlant - 1040 Brussels, Room VMA 3.

    The main objective of the hearing is to brainstorm on the challenges and opportunities arising from the current State Aid rules for services of general economic interest.

  • Conference - St Julian's, Malta

    How could the Digital Single Market benefit european consumers? This year's theme was a wide-ranging subject covering issues affecting consumers today in a very tangible way. The Committee has recently issued several Opinions and studies covering the digital transformation and how it impacts modes of production and consumption, and its work feeded into the discussions on many relevant topics, such as data sharing, digital inclusion and access to internet for all, artifical intelligence, digital contract rights, unnecessary geo-blocking, digital currencies and fintech, the sharing economy and the Collaborative economy.

  • Zagreb, Croatia

    The Employers' Group has been invited by the Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts to co-organize an Extraordinary Seminar regarding the issue of Transposition of EU Legislation in Member States, also known as Goldplating. The Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts considers this to be a serious issue in this young Member State which requires serious study and consideration. The Employers' Group has already carried out a targeted study on this subject and has been fully supportive of the work being done in the INT Section.

    Members of the Group will participate actively in the seminar and share national experiences in other Member State on the issue of over implementation and how best to deal with this issue.

  • Conference - Albert Hotel, 33 Dzirnavu Street, Riga, Latvia


    The specific objective of this "Going Local" event is to focus Latvian attention on the key importance of the Digital Single Market as a driver of growth and employment. This topic has gained much political importance in the new Juncker Commission, which addresses it as one of its key priorities.

  • Public Hearing - 1000 Brussels, Belgium

    The aim of this hearing was to rekindle debate with stakeholders (civil society, experts and academics) and frame new recommendations for the EU institutions with law-making powers. This hearing also provided an opportunity to hear the views of the EU institutions after their renewal especially in view of the new inter-institutional agreement and its implications and possible amendments on delegated acts.

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    Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium

    The hearing is part of the preparation of an own-initiative opinion on the biomedical engineering and care services.

  • Zagreb, Croatia

    On the 14 November 2014, the Employers' Group of the EESC will be organizing a seminar in Zagreb jointly with the Croatian Employers organizations HUP (Croatian Employers 'Association), HGK (Croatian Chamber of Economy) and HOK (Croatian Chamber of Trades and Crafts) entitled : "Securing Essential Imports for the EU Energy: New opportunities - or new threats?". This keynote conference, which will be attended by many of our Members together with Government representatives and a number of local businessmen, aims to examine the depth of EU dependence on imports of energy and to look at alternative possibilities for supply of predictable and secure sources of energy.

  • Poster - SMO hearing in Palermo
    Public Hearing - Palermo, Italy

    The Single Market Observatory (SMO) organised a public hearing in Palermo to take stock of Italian civil society views on the Single Market and to discuss possible, experience-based solutions to the main issues directly affecting citizens and businesses.

  • Public Hearing - room VM3, Rue Van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

    The SMO organised a public hearing on 3 April 2014 in order to present the findings of the pilot study on the workings of the Services Directive in the construction sector.

  • Public Hearing - EESC - Room JDE 62 - Brussels, Belgium

    The aim of this public hearing was to discuss the revised preliminary draft EESC opinion on the Commission’s package (COM(2013) 493, 495, 496, 497, 498, 500, 501,503,505, 506), as well as to hear the view of stakeholders and interested parties, especially from the industry, businesses, SME and social sectors perspective.

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