Let's speak sustainable construction - Multilingual glossary EN/FR/DE/ES - Second Edition

Published In: 2014

Following the great success of the first edition of this innovative guide to the terminology of sustainable construction in the EU, the EESC together with its partner CEMBUREAU and European Architects' Council has improved and updated the publication and is now launching the 2nd edition, both as a practical printed spiral bound booklet and an online and mobile version.

In response to the need for more sustainable construction, new concepts, phrases, terms and expressions are being used in the construction industry across Europe. These concepts are aimed at improving the environmental, social and economic impact of the industry and its outputs. From Air Source Heat Pumps to Net Zero Carbon Buildings; from Whole Life Costing to Photovoltaic Electricity; from Recycled Resources to Passive House; it is important that the industry reaches a common understanding of these terms – to speak a common language for sustainable construction – in order to provide a base for harmonised development in the future.

Second Edition for this version only


The following publication contains the English, French, German and Spanish versions of the Sustainable Construction Glossary. An index of all four languages can be found starting on page 147.


Other language combinations are also available: First Edition









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ISBN 978-92-830-2463-7 QE-01-14-701-4H-N 164

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