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European integration at stake

27 Aug 2012 By: Henri Malosse 0 Posts

Jean Monnet wrote: “We are not forming coalitions of states, we are uniting peoples!”

But after more than 50 years of constructing Europe, one can see that his recommendations have not been followed. The feeling of a common European identity is very vague. There are neither European media, nor channels of cultural exchange, nor real mobility for young people other than students.

Active European Union citizenship is therefore still an illusion today, as can be seen by the falling numbers of voters in European elections. At stake is the survival and the future of European integration.

That’s why I call on the EESC to take up the challenge of European identity and put forward concrete plans to make Europe more visible, meaningful and effective for citizens. That is the aspiration I would like to give the EESC for the coming years. 

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