The cost of non-Europe

25 Sep 2012
Ref: 057 2012

On 18 September 2012, the EESC adopted an opinion on the cost of non-Europe, an issue which has resurfaced on the European agenda not only because it is important in mapping a way out of the financial crisis, but also because it is crucial to the success of the Europe 2020 strategy and the next Multiannual Financial Framework. It is a useful perspective from which to take forward the debate on pursuing European integration at a time of rising anti-European sentiment among citizens, growing populism and extremism.

The idea of the cost of non-Europe is not new; in 1988, Paolo Cecchini drew up a study for the European Commission on the cost of non-Europe in relation to the single market, which played a decisive role in the implementation of economic and monetary union.  In its opinion Towards an updated study of the cost of non-Europe, the EESC is now proposing that Mr Cecchini's study be revamped to reflect current circumstances: the cost of incomplete integration in the context of the economic crisis.

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