Europe lags behind on its energy policy targets, warns the EESC

30 May 2012
Ref: 034 2012

Progress towards a low-carbon economy in the EU and some of its Member States is falling dangerously behind current targets, the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) has warned. To avoid missing its energy targets, the EU must accelerate progress and take society with it.

The warning came in the EESC's opinion on the Energy Roadmap 2050, which was adopted last Wednesday by the body's plenary session.

In the view of the Committee, the EU fails to recognise the extent to which it is falling short of its own targets. "The decline of heavily polluting production processes in the EU, their growth in other parts of the world and subsequent import into the EU disguise the extent of the shortfall", says Pierre Jean Coulon (Workers' Group, France), the opinion's rapporteur.