eInclusion awards, given by Anna-Maria Darmanin

And the winners are:

  • Elton Kalica from Italy whose entry was an impressive story of personal empowerment and reskilling through ICT;  
  • Siemon Dekelver from Belgium for K-Point and Wai-Not Initiative, that provide mentally challenged young people with secure web-based communication tools so they can learn ICT skills, improve their quality of life and increase their levels of social interactivity;
  • Storybook Dads from the UK, a project that in the eyes of the jury provided "a simple yet ingenious way to use the internet to improve lives of families where a parent is in prison";
  • A Spanish local development agency Barcelona Activa, that promotes ICT skills, training and environments for digital inclusion, employability and competitiveness
  • The Information Society Development Foundation in Poland, that develops Local libraries as agents for digital change