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The outcome of the European Year 2010 and future action

Joint hearing of the EESC and the NGO coalition for the European Year 2010 on "The outcome of the European Year 2010 and future action" Public Hearing - Brussels, Belgium
European Year 2010 combating poverty

This year, designated as the European Year for combating poverty and social exclusion, comes in a time of severe financial, economic and social crisis. To tackle these challenges the new Europe 2020 Strategy gives prominence to the reduction of poverty by 25% and to the establishment of a "European Platform against Poverty".

The EESC set up a standing study group to monitor the Year's events. So far, the Group has participated in a range of activities, has produced a declaration for the Council of Ministers and is now organising a major hearing to evaluate the Year in conjunction with the Coalition of European social NGOs who have come together for 2010, on 22 November at the EESC premises.

In addition to analysing the impact of initiatives taken during the year and reflecting on the lessons learned about the organisation of European years, the EESC and the Coalition want to focus on what action needs to be taken over the next 10 years to achieve the goals set and to remain ambitious in the commitment to reduce poverty across the EU.