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Georges Dassis, Can Dündar, Gabriele Bischoff

The EESC Workers' Group strongly support the civil society organisations in Turkey

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  • Published In: 2017
    28 pages
    The EU social pillar: standing the test of better regulation

    In recent years, REFIT and the institutional agreement on Better Regulation have focused on reducing regulatory burdens, increasing the number of impact analyses, and wide-ranging consultations. As a result, the legislative process has ground to a halt. Having mapped and quantified the EU acquis, the Commission is preparing to launch a targeted deregulation with the aim of reducing regulatory burdens.

  • Published In: 2017
    99 pages
    The investment plan and the Social Pillar: a step towards a new strategy for Europe

    The focus of the study is to analyse the progress of the Jobs, Growth and Investment Package and its contribution towards promoting more sustainable and inclusive growth. The study is based on the concept of inclusive growth, derived from the development literature: it not only states that growth with equity is possible, but also that equity is necessary for growth.

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