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  • Rome, Italy

    Reinforcing European industrial competitiveness is one of key priorities of the Italian presidency of the EU Council. Since the Employers' Group of the European Economic and Social Committee fully supports this approach, the group would like to initiate an open discussion on the tools needed to rebuild Europe's industry and boost its competitiveness, drawing vital lessons from the Italian case. The representatives of the European Commission and the Italian presidency together with members of the Employers' Group and invited guests will attempt to identify the main external challenges for the European industrial base and define the economic sectors that could be the most competitive on the global market.

  • Sopot, Poland

    Following up the opinion adopted by the EESC on Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the Employers' Group of the EESC organises the debate entitled "What development opportunities will the TTIP give Europe?" The discussion will take place during European Forum for New Ideas in Sopot, Poland. The panellists will discuss what are the benefits and challenges coming from TTIP and will analyse consequences of closer regulatory cooperation.

  • Europe's Energy Policy a businesss perspective for 2030 -, with the partnership of Aberdeen City Council and Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce
    Aberdeen, United Kingdom

    The Employers' Group would like to open the debate on the EU competitiveness in a global market but also on R&D and innovation in the energy sector. The various speakers will also be giving the participants insights on the significant development work taking place across the north-east of Scotland as well as the impact the emergence of the Oil & Gas industry has had on the region.

  • Kyllini, Greece

    The objective of the Employers' Group thematic meeting, jointly organised with the National Hellenic Confederation of Commerce (ESEE) is to have an open and frank discussion on the critical issue of the lack of access to finance in Greece which jeopardise business development, economic recovery and growth. Our aim is to propose concrete initiatives to national and EU decision-makers based on a constructive exchange between EESC Employers Group members and Greek business actors.

  • Brussels, Belgium
    The objective of this extraordinary meeting of the Employers' Group is to launch a debate on the links between industrial policy, growth and global competitiveness and analyse them from a business perspective. The aim is to encourage exchanges of views, diagnoses and practices between national and European decision makers, business and experts. The tone of the discussion will be free and open, without jargon.

  • Vilnius, Lithuania
    The conference aims to raise the profile of trade as an essential means to secure growth and jobs in the current economic crisis, in line with the Europe 2020 strategy. The Conference will in particular look at the following issues: • Key trade-related issues, in particular those affecting Lithuania and neighbouring EU - and CIS - countries • Eastern Partnership: Progress of DCFTA negotiations • Maintaining Open and Fair Trade (Updating EU Trade Defence Instruments and related issues)

  • Vienna, Austria
    The morning session will be devoted to the EU Danube macro-regional Strategy and how Employers can contribute to its success. The afternoon session will be on Employment and training, practical lessons from the Austrian experience. The Group President Jacek Krawczyk will open the meeting and Dr Erhard Busek, former Deputy Chancellor from Austria, will introduce the morning meeting.

  • Valletta, Malta
    The event seeks to initiate a frank and open debate on the various responses to the financial and economic crisis in EU Member States and analyse them from a business perspective. The aim is to encourage exchanges of views, diagnoses and practices between EESC Employers' Group members and leading Maltese business representatives. Local policy makers, EESC members and attending businessmen will exchange views in a frank and informal manner on how Europe is responding to the economic crisis.

  • Sopot, Poland
    "European Forum for New Ideas" is an international conference of business communities' involving politicians, academics as well as representatives of the cultural sector. The objective of this conference is to search for new ideas and realistic solutions to the critical challenges that Europe face. EFNI will offer an opportunity to take a fresh look at the crisis impact and assess growth prospects. The general title of the EFNI this year is "Where are you heading Europe? How to renew the old continent?"
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    Katowice, Poland
    The European SMEs Congress, which is organised by the Polish Chamber of Commerce since 2011, has become undoubtedly one of the most important economic event in Central Europe. This Congress is a three-day cycle of debates, meetings and events involving various Polish and foreign guests. Panelists will take part in over 30 sessions and discussions, on the most significant issues for SMEs in Europe. The leading topic of the next Congress will be SMEs regional investments and collaboration.

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