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Young European Entrepreneurs Seminar 2012: Entrepreneurship for Everyone, Business Environment, Cross-Border Trade

Access to finance, access to markets, entrepreneur envoys Seminar - Room JDE 51, EESC, Brussels, Belgium

The European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) held the fourth edition of its Young European Entrepreneurs Seminar (YEESeminar) on 06-07 December 2012 in Brussels.



Read the recommendations of the YEESeminar 2012  here.



Reаd the report of the 2012 YEESeminar here.

You can find the full reports of the following editions:  2011 2010  and  2009  as well as the  2010 recommendations  of the YEESeminar.


Participate online:

Ask questions on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Fourth-annual-Young-European-Entrepreneurs-Seminar-EESC/130877703730969

On Twitter, use the hashtag  #yees2012



You will find  the programme  here.


The seminar was organised by Mr. Henri Malosse, President of the Employers' Group, and its workshops will stimulate interactive exchanges on the following topics:


  • Does the new Action Plan on Entrepreneurship by the European Commission address the real needs of entrepreneurs?
  • Entrepreneurship for everyone: entrepreneurship as a career path, tailormade support for all budding entrepreneurs, nurturing young entrepreneurs - incubators and mentors, mandatory entrepreneurship education
  • Business environment: opportunities for financing, regulatory and administrative framework, e-business, European Private Company statute, managing risk
  • Market Access: cross-border trade, creation and cooperation among entrepreneurship associations, innovation and internationalisation
  • Being an Envoy: How to Promote Entrepreneurship
  • How to give entrepreneurs a European identity?



The YEESeminar aims at building a dialogue between young entrepreneurs from European and neighbouring countries, and major EU stakeholders involved in the shaping of the European business environment. Keynote speakers included representatives from the European Commission, the European Parliament, the EESC and the CoR, the main European business organisations and organisations of young entrepreneurs.


The seminar allowed 50 young people from 28 countries to acquire knowledge of the support provided for entrepreneurs by the EU, and also provided a platform for them to express their personal experiences and suggest potential solutions. As an outcome, together with the speakers, they drafted concrete recommendations to be presented to EU institutions and business organisations, thereby highlighting potential next steps for stimulating entrepreneurship in and around Europe.


The YEESeminar took place in the Jacques Delors building of the European Economic and Social Committee (99 Rue Belliard, Brussels, Belgium).