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Conference - Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

19 June 2012 - EU-Brazil Civil Society Round Table

What is at stake at Rio+20? Recommendations from Brazilian and EU Civil Society  

6th Meeting of the EU-Brazil Civil Society Round Table. Joint event of the European Economic ans Social Committee and the Brazilian Council for Economic and Social Development (CDES)

During this past year, the European Economic and Social Committee and the Brazilian Council for Economic and Social Development have been working on sustainable development issues in the framework of their EU-Brazil Round Table meetings.

For the Rio+20 Conference a joint report has been prepared which will be presented to the public and political decision makers the day preceding UN Conference on Sustainable Development. Speakers from Brazilian and EU civil society and governments and UN representatives will discuss in particular the social dimension of sustainable development and proposals for more effective involvement of civil society in the transition to sustainable societies.

Date & TIme: 19 June 2012, from 9.30 to 13.00

Venue: National Confederation of Trade in Goods, Services and Tourism. Av. General Justo, 307 - Centro 20021 - 130 Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Registrations: please follow the link: http://www.cdes.gov.br/inscricoes/1509/atividades-do-cdes-na-rio20.html

Contact: Sustainable Development Observatory

Follow the EESC delegation at Rio+20: http://portal.eesc.europa.eu/rioplus20/Pages/home.aspx