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UNEP, the EESC and its partners - Advancing sustainable development post Rio

With participation of UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner EESC, Brussels, VMA 3, Belgium

For the first time, UNEP Executive Director Achim Steiner paid a visit to the EESC, the representation of organised civil society in the EU institutional set-up.

This visit came at a crucial time for advancing sustainable development post Rio:

  • Three months after the first UNEP Governing Council meeting with universal membership took place in Nairobi and the subsequent establishment of the United Nations Environment Assembly of UNEP;
  • Shortly after the second meeting of the UN open working group on sustainable development goals, a Rio process which started very slowly but is now gaining momentum;
  • The High Level Panel on post MDG about to release its report and negotiations on the high-level political forum speeding up.

It was thus a very timely moment to gather the EESC and its partners to discuss with Achim Steiner the current state of these different processes and the shape negotiations are taking. Are we living up to the expectation that Rio commitments would be implemented in reality? Can civil society keep the Rio momentum and stay involved in these processes? We also need to link these Nairobi- and New York-based debates to Brussels and to what is actually happening in the EU. What are the EU civil society positions on these questions? How could sustainable development goals contribute to the design and implementation of green economy policies in the EU?

Civil society representatives have been invited to take part in this debate, with the participation of high representatives of European trade unions, business and sustainable development councils, as well as with the participation of Kitty van der Heijden, Ambassador for Sustainable Development of the Netherlands, who holds a seat in the open working group on sustainable development goals.


Venue: EESC, VMA 3 meeting room, rue Van Maerlantstraat, 2 - 1040 Brussels. Map.


Info & contact: SDO