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Publishing on the move

Conference - European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels, Belgium

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As the largest cultural industry in Europe, book publishing is a crucial player in the economic and social development of Europe. It produces a market value of over EUR 40 billion, employs hundreds of thousands of people and enriches Europe’s cultural diversity with half a million new titles per year. As it enters the digital switch, the publishing industry is undergoing a process of modernisation that carries important consequences.

The objective of the Conference would be to analyse the need for adequate legislation at EU level, and the sort of financial support that might be required.

The Conference will also cover the changes brought about by innovation and the digital transition in the sector, and will consider the critical issue of access to the market.

In addition, the publishing sector is deeply involved in the Single Market Act initiative.

One of the instruments of the Single Market Act is IPR, whose protection encourages the development of innovative services and products and ensures a fair return on investment; another one is the digital single market.

The Conference will explore the potential contribution that a healthy publishing sector can provide to these objectives and the possible impact they can have on the sector itself.

It is important to explain the role of the publishing sector in building the knowledge and innovation society to the decision makers so that they thoroughly understand and adequately support a crucial player in the economic, social and cultural progress of the EU.