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Move it! - The EESC's urban mobility days

Under the auspices of the Belgian Presidency of the European Union Conference - Brussels, Place Flagey, Belgium
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From 19 to 22 September, in Brussels, on Place Flagey and Place Sainte Croix, the European Economic and Social Committee, in conjunction with the Ixelles Commune and architect Luc Schuiten, is organising a major public event on urban mobility, as part of the Belgian presidency of the EU.


  • When it comes to getting about, do you always make the best choices to meet your needs while also caring for your health and the environment?
  • Are you aware of all the options available?
  • How do you see the cities of the future and what are your hopes in the area of transport?


With an informative, fun and festive event, the European Economic and Social Committee will help you to answer these questions, enabling everyone, young and not so young to:
  • find out about a wide range of transport options, some very original;
  • take part in various activities focusing on areas such as safety, health, the environment and accessibility, etc.
  • have a chat with local and European policy makers in order to hear their views and put your ideas forward;
  • dream about the cities and transport of the future with architect Luc Schuiten.
    Luc Schuiten

Luc Schuiten backs "Move it!"

The four-day event will centre on a temporary exhibition of the work of Luc Schuiten, Belgian architect and visionary, part of whose work involves designing futuristic cities. Mr Schuiten champions ecological lifestyles and is concerned about the future of the planet; he spends part of his time working on practical ideas for potential urban transport developments. He will use the Move it! event to put forward new ideas on the urban mobility systems of the future, as well as displaying his innovative vehicles, the click car and the ornithoplane.