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The internal market and state aid for the regions

Public Hearing - EESC - VM3, Rue van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels, Belgium

Public hearing

"The internal market and State aid for the regions ''

European Economic and Social Committee

 29 January 2013, 9 am – 1 pm

Rue van Maerlant 2, 1040 Brussels


On Tuesday, 29 January 2013, the Section for the Single Market, Production and Consumption organised a Public Hearing in the framework of the elaboration of its own-initiative opinion on "The internal market and State aid for the regions". The opinion aimed to put forward a new proposal to update the current reference model and make the system of regional aid more effective and coherent. The purpose of this public hearing was to ensure the direct involvement of civil society organisations in support of the Committee's stated aims.