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Food for citizens

From a common agricultural policy to a common food policy Conference - Vilnius, Lithuania


From a common agricultural policy to a common food policy
21 June 2013, 9.30–18.00 (UTC+3)

After the horse meat scandal, mad cow disease, swine flu and E.Coli cases in cucumbers, the question remains: is food safety chimera or reality in Europe?

On 21 June 2013, Vilnius brought together decision makers, experts, consumers and representatives from the food and agriculture sector to analyse the state of food-related issues and propose solutions to current problems.

Monitoring processes, labelling and sustainability were high on the agenda of the "Food for Citizens" conference, which emphasised that consumers have a lead role to play in the shift from a common agricultural policy to common food policy.

One of the main aims of civil society is to modernise and simplify the agro-food chain in Europe, making smarter rules for safer food and therefore reducing operators' administrative and regulatory burden.

Involving organized civil society – and consumers in particular – would help to improve the quality of the European food safety and control system.