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Civil society engaging in local renewable energy production - Eastern European Perspective

EESC at the UN Framework Convention for Climate Change COP19 in Warsaw Warsaw, Poland

In the framework of the COP19 Climate Change Conference in Warsaw  the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC) organised a side event on "Civil society engaging in local renewable energy production – Eastern European Perspective" which took  place on Friday, 15 November 2013 from 10.30am to 12.30pm at the "Vilnius" room of the EU Pavilion.

Local energy production from wind, biogas or other renewable resources has proven an efficient way to engage people, companies and NGOs and to create real economic incentives for moving towards a low-carbon society. In some EU countries, these small scale projects are gaining ground and they are now slowly starting to emerge in some eastern neighbourhood countries.

Moving towards a more sustainable society is not about finding the technological solution, it is about engaging people. It is important to learn from organisations and persons, who have, despite a negative political and economic setting, managed to reach out and engage people in a move towards a more sustainable community.

This side event focussed on civil society organisations involved in small-scale, local energy production. How do we communicate and involve people? What do we need from the international level in order to maximise the grassroots actions? What is the role of business? Is investing in local renewable energy production a viable way forward?

Speakers:   Heiko Lohrengel (Bio-energy village Jühnde, Germany),  Andrzej Parafiniuk (Podlaskie Region, Poland), Maria Storchylo (National Ecological Centre of Ukraine) and Dmitry Burenkin (Centre of Environmental Solutions, Belarus).

Moderator: Lutz Ribbe (EESC)

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