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The Common Agricultural Policy - 50 years... and a lifetime ahead!

Conference - EESC, Brussels, Belgium

The conference will look at the future challenges and opportunities for the EU farm policy from different angles, and predominantly from a civil society perspective. We will draw on the experience of fifty years of development of the most integrated of all EU policies – the common agricultural policy (CAP) and will look at its impact on EU farmers, consumers, rural regions, global food security and trade.

The 50th anniversary of the CAP is an excellent opportunity for the EESC to bring all stakeholders together and enable them to express their visions for the future of agriculture in the EU.

At the conference, you will meet farmers, consumers, EU policy and decision-makers, representatives of EU governments and international organizations as well as other stakeholders who will take stock of half a century of food security and a living countryside and will debate the needs and expectations for the EU agriculture of tomorrow.


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