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Plenary session of 15-16 October 2014

Plenary Session - Brussels, Belgium

Debate on What outlook for the EU?, on Wednesday 15 October at 2.40 p.m., with a statement by

  • former French President, Valéry Giscard d'Estaing


Debate on the review of the Europe 2020 strategy alongside the adoption of opinion SC/39on Wednesday 15 October at 4 p.m., with

  • Marcello Messori, Director of the Luiss School of European Political Economy (Rome),
  • Philippe Pochet, General Director of the European Trade Union Institute, and
  • Conny Reuter, Secretary General of the Solidar NGO network and Co-Chair of the Liaison Group with European civil society organisations and networks


Debate on The European agricultural model: is it on the right track for the future? And can it be a role model for others?, on Thursday 16 October at 9.15 a.m., with statements by

  • Czeslaw Adam Siekierski, Chair of the EP's Committee on Agriculture and Rural Development


Presentation of the Civil Society Prize, on Thursday 16 October at 11 a.m.



Interview of the winner : Slávka Mačáková, Director ETP