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    Consumers and Environment Category (CEC)

    The Consumers and Environment Category is currently composed of twenty-two members, most of whom represent consumer and environment organisations. The Category’s main objective is to discuss documents proposed by the European Commission and to ensure that consumer rights and environmental protection are taken into consideration in all of the EESC’s work.

  • Farmers' Category

    The Farmers Category currently has 32 members, 21 drawn from the Various Interests Group and 11 from the Employers Group. Its members are representatives of the agriculture, agri-food and forestry sectors. Its main aims are to engage in a wide-ranging, open debate on the positions and policy lines adopted by the primary industries in the EU.

  • SMEs, Crafts and the Professions Category

    The Small and Medium-Sized Enterprises (SMEs), the Professions and Crafts Category is currently composed of forty-two Committee members. According to the Category’s web pages, its objective is ‘to discuss all Community legislation or general evolutions that concern the two socio-economic sectors in depth, and to feed the Committee with proposals that allow it to organise its future actions better.’

  • Social Economy Category

    The Social Economy Category is composed of thirty-seven members, representing cooperatives, mutual, associations, foundations and social NGOs. According to the Category’s web pages, ‘the social economy sector covers a range of concepts used in the various Member States, such as the ‘solidarity economy’ and the ‘third sector’.

  • Transport Category

    "Transport, connecting Europe"

    The primary objective of the Transport Category is to act as a discussion and learning forum for all EESC members interested in transport issues. All players and stakeholders involved in the "transport chain" are invited to participate and to share their experiences with their colleagues. The Category thus provides an additional dimension to the discussions which take place within the various EESC bodies.