Agriculture and Environment

The world has changed a lot since the common agricultural policy (CAP) was launched in 1962. At that time, the Member States were concerned primarily with food self-sufficiency. Since then, other priorities have emerged to challenge our way of seeing the world around us.

Climate change, loss of biodiversity, degradation of soil quality, shortage of water, health and waste management are among the challenges now confronting the EU. The CAP has had to evolve, and sustainable development has become an absolute necessity for the welfare of future generations.

The EESC enables all civil society organisations concerned with these issues to make their voices heard. Our opinions and activities cover not only agriculture and fisheries but also:

  • environment
  • rural development
  • forests/forestry
  • food security
  • animal welfare
  • climate change.

Through the Section for Agriculture, Rural Development and Environment (NAT) and the Sustainable Development Observatory, we are working to create a Europe that respects the environment and cares for the welfare of its citizens.


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