Delta Q - Ode (An die Freude)
Appreciation of the Jury: A very exciting video, technically creative, fast moving, musically different, foot tapping, hugely talented. The different ways the varieties of music are depicted are highly original. The theme that Europe is made up of all types of different people is very well represented through the styles of music from bee bop to eastern to classical. The use of colours, from black and white through browns to bright blues and pinks is another attractive visual aspect of this video, as is the marvellous use dance and movement of the characters. This video is undoubtedly exceptional in its unique approach to Ode to Joy. Even Beethoven would be impressed!

Only Words
Appreciation of the Jury: This video shows people telling one word about Europe. Beautifully sung, very musical, excellent sound quality and harmony. The words of the song talk about the importance of words. This is a very moving, beautifully put together video. It uses 'ordinary people' to tell their 'word' about Europe from lifestyle to history, art, design, tolerance, peace, progress and much more. Each person, young or old, depicts their word in their own unique way -.drawing in the sand, kissing, exercising, cycling and the perfect ending with a baby 'growing'. It is extremely well thought out, beautifully, executed very joyful and sets exactly the right tone as an Ode to Joy.


Svilena & Do Re Mi
Appreciation of the Jury: Punchy opening followed by classical violin then comes a very unique female voice full of passion. Difficult to imagine such a young signer with such a mature, jazzy, raunchy, creative tone. The children's choir is very tuneful, as is the choir of older girls bringing another dimension to the musical level of the video. The children's drawings and the written words are another way to convey the message of the music which is about Europe offering opportunity for everyone. The closing sequence showing the choir holding the words TOGETHER makes a perfect statement bringing all the elements of this piece together.


Family Photo with all participants, jury and organisers

DeltaQ, represented by the video producers Eileen Huhn and Pierre Horn together with EESC Vice-President Jane Morrice

Only Words, represented by Inés Poggio, Jaime Garcia and Eduardo de la Chica together with EESC Vice-President Jane Morrice

Svilena Georgieva together with EESC Vice-President Jane Morrice