Do you ever wonder what people are like on the other side of Europe? Whether they can sing? How they feel about Europe? What matters to them? We do. And we are curious to find out!
Here's where our Video Challenge comes in.

The Economic and Social Committee's annual online video competition is a way of creating greater understanding between the peoples of Europe and promoting appreciation of our rich cultural diversity. This year, we're giving it a musical twist and inviting you, your family and friends, neighbours, classmates and colleagues to share your video-making virtuosity and singing talent.

Show us your ode to joy! Combine your song with a video - your creative interpretation of the musical performance - and share it with us and your fellow Europeans.

We would like to encourage video creativity, enthusiasm for singing and the use of social networking across all the European Union's member states.

Your friends and supporters who like your music and video will be able to vote for it online, giving your team a chance to become one of the top ten from which the jury will chose the three winners.


Do you have a camera? Or know someone who does? Do you enjoy making short video clips? Do you happen to sing in a choir? Or just under the shower? Whichever works for you, we can't wait to hear – and see – your ode to joy! Feel free to transform and perform it as you wish - jazz, pop, rap, funky, classical, traditional... Let your inspiration guide you. You can use the official lyrics of "Ode to Joy" or your individual creation or adaptation. Sing about what matters to you as an EU citizen. We would like to hear what you think about Europe. What are your rights? Your needs and expectations? What about democracy, freedom and exchange? Be creative - sing your thoughts to the melody of the "Ode to joy" and film your views.


The 2015 edition is a combined music and video competition! It's an invitation to all amateur video-makers and singers to take part in a visual and musical dialogue on Europe. It's not about getting it right! It is about expressing yourself, having fun, sharing it with the world and maybe winning some prizes.


The three winning teams will be awarded 3 000, 5 000 and 8 000 Euros.