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Valuing Water Initiative:

The Valuing Water Initiative uses practical case studies to showcase the implementation of the United Nations Valuing Water Principles in order to bring systemic change in the way water is valued in policy, practice, finance and behaviour and to inspire others to do the same.

  • WaterEquity, an asset manager with an exclusive focus on ending the most urgent issue of our time – the global water and sanitation crisis.
  • SciensWater, an alternative asset management firm founded in 1994, and has been investing in real asset strategies since 2007. Since 2018 do they make investments in the US water sector.
  • Water Europe, initiated by the European Commission (EC) in 2004 as the European Technology Platform (ETP) for water with the name WssTP.
  • Svenskt vatten – Swedish Water and Wastewater Association, Svenskt Vatten was set up by the municipalities in 1962 to assist with technical, economic and administrative issues and to represent the interests of the municipalities in negotiations with authorities and other organisations on regulations.
  • Aqua Publica Europea, the European Association of Public Water Operators. It unites publicly owned water and sanitation services and other stakeholders working to promote public water management at both European and international level.
  • International Water Association (IWA), Water underpins every aspect of human and environmental existence. The severe water challenges facing the world today require an unprecedented global response. IWA members are situated in 140 countries worldwide, forming the largest international network of water professionals working towards a water wise world.
  • WEO, WEO contributes to better environmental management using data from space and AI to help build a more sustainable future for all, keeping to the values of integrity and innovation in a challenging and fun environment.
  • DG Environment, This Commission department is responsible for EU policy on the environment. It proposes and implements policies that ensure a high level of environmental protection and preserve the quality of life of EU citizens.
  • DG Climate Action, The Directorate-General for Climate Action (DG CLIMA) leads the European Commission's efforts to fight climate change at EU and international level.