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  1. EU concepts for transition management in a digitalised world of work – key input for an EU White Paper on the future of work (exploratory opinion requested by the Austrian Presidency)

    ... side of enterprises, but also from that of human capital. On the one hand, enterprises have to identify and assess the new needs and draw ... in order to agree on how they are to be used; turning to artificial intelligence (AI), the EESC points out that the lack of clarity ...


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  2. White Paper on Artificial Intelligence

    ... European Commission follow-up to the EESC opinion on the White Paper on Artificial intelligence en ...


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  3. Artificial Intelligence: EU law should set safe boundaries for high-risk applications, says EESC

    ... (EESC) in its response to the European Commission's White Paper on AI, adopted by the EESC plenary on 16 July. The European ...



  4. Digital transformation should be socially and ethically responsible

    ... Presidency of the EU and will provide key input for an EU White Paper on the future of work. The EESC has already produced several opinions on ...



  5. EESC July plenary to focus on post-COVID-19 recovery

    ... Artificial Intelligence/Digitalisation White Paper on AI (INT/894, rapporteur: Catelijne MULLER – Workers, NL); ...



  6. Protect workers, support small businesses and safeguard fundamental rights in AI legislation

    ... small and medium-sized Enterprises EESC opinion: White Paper on Artificial Intelligence EESC opinion: Building trust in ...


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  7. Postponed until further notice / AI Europe – Stakeholder summit 2020

    White paper on artificial intelligence - What civil society has to say? 24/04/2020 ...



  8. Vitbok om artificiell intelligens

    Opinion Document URL:  bg es cs da de et el en fr hr it lv lt hu mt nl pl pt ro sk sl fi sv Document Type:  AS Folder number:  894 Folder name:  INT


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  9. White Paper on Artificial Intelligence - Related links

    White Paper on Artificial Intelligence - Related links 1 Description:  ...


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